Michael and Kathy

Michael and Kathy recorders
Michael and Kathy recorders

Michael and Kathy movie link

We were treated to a little recorder concert the other day, when Michael and Kathy came to Utah for an Alpenhorn seminar held at Solitude Ski Resort.  Michael is a Music History professor in Chicago.  Kathy is a Nurse at a Pediatric hospital.  They met each other while doing music (a good place to meet a significant other).  We were honored to find out that Kathy’s dad had been a professor of music at Moody Bible Institute – David Smart.  He had died just a few months previous.  We shed a few tears, as we listened to one of his compositions called Grand Teton Mountain Scenes (2010) on YouTube.  Thanks Michael and Kathy for sharing a piece of your lives with us.  You are precious!

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