Sketching Instead of Clicking

Jenny and David
Jenny and David
David's sketch of Dead Horse Point
David’s sketch of Dead Horse Point

Jenny and David are recent guests to Engen Hus, from Cambridge, England. David is an architect. Jenny is a Pharmacist. She plans to retire soon and enjoy camping with their young grandsons.
Their visit to the American Southwest included Moab, Utah, and its environs. David prefers to sketch the places he visits, rather than to photograph them. He explains that part of the training he gives to younger architects, in order for them to learn to “really see”, includes viewing a photo of row houses. After the younger architects have viewed the photo of row houses for a moment, the photo is taken away, and David will ask, “Did the ‘pattern’ of windows and doors go : window, door, window, door, window? Or was the ‘pattern’ : window, window, door, window, door, door?” And the younger architects cannot remember. So the younger architects are assigned to sketch the photo of row houses. And again David will ask something about what they have viewed and sketched. And without looking at their sketches, they all are able to recall what they have seen.
Enjoy David’s sketch of Dead Horse Point, and know that he will fondly remember the details of what he has visited. “Really seeing” involves more than just looking or clicking.
Thanks Jenny and David, for sharing with us!!!

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